The Social Impact Incubator

The Pivot Collective hosts a training programme for young social innovators working at the forefront of community engagement and social activism. The programme focuses on arts-based, creative and participatory methods for visioning, designing, and launching youth-led, community-based social change initiatives. 

In 2022, we launched the Pivot social impact and participatory research internship, a one-year capacity-strengthening programme. The 2022 cohort included Linda Seekoi, Elethu Nkala, Phelisa Sikwata, and Chumisa Jack. As changemakers and artists, the group participated in individual and collective journeys of growth, fusing their passion for social justice with their creativity to nurture spaces for transformative change within their communities and beyond. They also share a commitment to fostering creative ecosystems that support young people to advocate for collective healing. During their year-long internship, the collective learned about project design, proposal development, participatory research, financial and programme management, ethics, leadership, and creative and participatory facilitation. Building on their skills development, they supported each other to design and lead their own community-based projects. They also worked together on collective projects, including reading groups, doodle nights, arts-based facilitation and training, and participatory research.

Starting in 2023, the programme has evolved to become increasingly youth-led and co-created. Two of our 2022 intern programme participants Phelisa Sikwata and Elethu Nkala have stepped in to co-lead the development and growth of the youth social impact programme. 

As social impact designers, they are exploring social impact designWhat inspires today's young people to mobilise, organise, and advocate? What forms of support do young people need to mobilise, organise, and advocate? What stands in the way of young people’s ability to enact social change? Through the Pivot Mobilizer. From those findings Phelisa and Elethu are working on a co-researching process where innovatively further probe “How can we effectively weave mental health wellness support practices in our organisation and curriculum?” Simultaneously they are using that information to built a curriculum that will be enrolling another cohort of young people who see the value of social justice for all.

2022 Social Impact Intern projects